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After the Recital

Flowers from Nana and Pawpaw
Flowers from Nene and Pop
Flowers from mommy and daddy
McKenna and Mrs. Krystle
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Dance Recital

McKenna ready for her ballet number.

Ready to tap!
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Closing Ceremony

The Diamond Bears and their trophies.
The Banana Bunch
McKenna and Coach Jamie
Carrington and Coach Josh
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McKenna's End of the Year Party

Shelbie, Elijah, and McKenna
Leah, Shelbie, and McKenna
Yummy! Time for ice cream!
Looking through her goodies!
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Carrington's End of the Year Party

Carrington and Katie
Seth (the boyfriend), Carrington, and Katie
Carrington and Mrs. Nancy
Playing on the merry go round
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Mother's Day

Me and my girls!

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McKenna's Field Day 2011

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The Real Big Four Day!

Carrington dressed for church today in her birthday outfit.
Out to eat at Habanero's so she can have cheese dip and wear the hat.
Opening more presents!
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Carrington Turns Four!

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Time for Cake

Hello Kitty
The family...I have to say a huge thank you to my family and friends. Ten minutes into the party I was upstairs in our walk in attic looking for my pinata loot bags. As I was coming down the stairs, my feet slid out from under me and I fell down the stairs. Besides being in a wreck, I can not tell you how much pain I was feeling. Needless to say...I ended up laying on my back most of the party trying to get some relief from the pain. I finally made it out in time for the cake cutting. Thank you Dad, Mom, Mike, Mel, Pat, Leon, Melanie, Meme, and Jamie for taking over and making the party happen. They did it just like I had it planned.
Making a wish.
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Pinata Time

Let the fun begin! Time for the pinata!

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